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Custom E-Commerce

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SharkFin Shears brings it's business to the UK with our newly developed mobile responsive  website. Browse shears, accessories, and more on any device you use!

Breast Cancer Awareness Advertisement

Print Design

Advertisement to support Breast Cancer

Retargeting Ad Designs

Internet Advertising

Retargeting is a series of ads that are placed on an ad channel network on websites that display ads such as news sites, blogs, facebook, etc.  The demographic for these types of ads are visitors who visit the website  You wouldn't see these ads unless you visit the website.  Have you ever browsed a product or a website and noticed ads for that same website or product throughout the internet only days later?  well that's retargeting!  Creepy, but effective!  In case you visit a website and don't purchase anything, these ads are designed to get you to complete that purchase.

JAM Graphics will set up the retargeting account, design the ads and track clicks, we'll even track click to orders!  Sharkfin Shears retargeting has been incredibly successful.  The cost is incredibly inexpensive also.  Keep in mind, this is not advertising to people who don't know you, it's RE-targeting, so you have to first have the audience.  But we can help you with that too!.

Barber Set Email Blast

Email Marketing

Email blast for SharkFin Shears Barber sets.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

We usually create an email blast for this client monthly or whenever a holiday or occassion roles around.  Such as Mother's Day, launching the new VIP portal, or an announcement for Free Shipping.

VIP Account Portal

Custom Programming

A 'JAM Graphics' idea.  In an effort to bring in NEW customers to the Sharkfin website, JAM Graphics devised a way to entice existing customers to tell their friends and bring us new customers.  So we built a system that gives existing customers a VIP status.  Which in turn gives them a VIP# which their friends can use to get a discount.  When their friends use their VIP# to get a discount, that VIP gets a credit to their account which they can redeem later!  Currently there's about 1000 VIP's all recommending Sharkfin shears to their fellow stylists for credit!

Custom Build Your Own

Custom Programming

Build your own shears, now available on Sharkfin Shears website.  Thanks to some creative programming and diligent photo taking, we've been able to make this possible for our client.  Now you can select a model, your orientation, size, steel color, ring guard color, knob color and see it all in action!

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