Squash the Beef

A forum where the public decides who’s right!

A web application concept

Custom Programming

We were very excited to get started with squash the beef, but it was a very agressive development.  The client came to us with some sketched ideas at first.  We weren't sure how to price a development like this, but we knew it would take a year to develop and for it to really take shape.  And a year later, with a determined client, it certainly did.  And it looks nothing like the original concept!

From the original sketches, we decided in order to not waste anyones time or money, we would start small and develop only the graphics and the screens for the initiative, leaving an open door to the client to find a developer after the design was approved, or stick with JAM for the full kit and kaboodle.  I'm happy to say he stuck with us! 

But the initial design was not easy... the concept was created by our creative director within several weeks and delivered to the client in a styleguide packet after all changes were said and done, it looked like this.

SquashTheBeef.com is born

Custom Programming

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2 years later we have a completed site.  It looks nothing like the original concept, but this is always typical of a development like this.  You really don't know how the project will shape until you've gottten in there and started developing.  Now we have a nice clean setup of the site and it works great!  Time to develop the APP!

Squash The Beef - App

Custom Programming

Not a traditional app, you see we worked with Apple to test-flight an app where the website was what you were seeing through the app download.  Simpler than developing actual app framework and much less time consuming.  The app passes all of Apple's requirements and is available on the app store for download.  Have fun!

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