Internet Advertising

Google Adwords, Retargeting, and Banner Ads

Google Adwords these days is expensive and difficult to really acquire good ROI. Unless you have an expert charging you a LOT of money for these ads. JAM Graphics will develop a Google Adwords campaign to our existing clients who we've done websites for only. The reason is because we have control of the website's content and framework which work hand in hand with Google Adwords. We also include this service with our regular website maintenance package at a much better rate than your 'run of the mill' internet and SEO expert. Keep in mind, some so-called SEO experts, know nothing about web design and development. They think they know, but really all they know is how to collect a check and sit at home on the computer. We are developers, so we'll know a little something about how to get you the most for your money.

"You guys are awesome. -- most clients."