About JAM Graphics

From a name, to a business, now a company, and someday; an enterprise.

In 2006, JAM Graphics was just an idea, or at least the name that was used when our creator, John Tedesco, was just freelancing on the side to make extra money. In 2008, JAM Graphics got it's LLC and was born. Working from his home office, John Tedesco began to develop what is now a web design firm that is dedicated to the online image of clients big and small.

Our Goldfish

Organic logos are in. And so far, everyone loves our goldfish!

Our goldfish is a representation of the care and love we provide our clients. Like a pet goldfish living in our home, looking at us every day while we look back at the delicate friend in our lives who depends on us for tender loving care.

Our Offices Exist!

No offshore developers, no smoke and mirrors, we're here.. come visit!

A lot of potential clients who call ask us the same question... "Do you off-shore any of your work?" For those of you who don't know, you can have your website built for virtually a fraction of the cost, a fraction, I mean hundreds of dollars can get you a website. That is, if you're up for a 12 hour time difference, sloppy coding, and best of all, a language barrier so thick you'll need to hire a translator to speak their english! Our answer is always a resounding, NO! We're a team, programers, designers, and developers.. the Gangs all here, in Pequannock, NJ. We do all design, programming and developing in-house and anyone that answers the phone will have the know-how to give you an answer! Here's some of our new JAM Graphics office pics:

JAM Graphics Office Photo
JAM Graphics Office Photo

"I did a lot of searches, and we already moved up quite a bit on a lot of the pages. Nice!"

-- by Bob DeGeorge - NASA Machine Tools