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Video marketing is the perfect add-on to any digital marketing strategy. More people watch videos these days than read ads and even look at pictures. That's why a quick 30 second, even a 10second, video is so useful! When we come out to your shop, office, or storefront, we like to get as much as we can, interviews, demonstrations, product etc.. so we can create an entire library of videos that we can use to compliment any post, blog, or web page. You'll see, it goes a long way!

Video Interviews

Customer testimonials, employees, department heads, etc. Use interviews to tell the story of their experience.

Demonstrative Videos

Around the office, outside the office, product demonstrations or manufacturing. People love these kind of videos, use them.

Drone Videos

Showcase a building or property from the sky. Follow one of your vehicles out and about and really wow your prospects.

See for yourself…

Tiger Schulmann's video marketing

A video marketing campaign that only after a 3 hour shoot, yielded about 15 videos rolled out weekly in order to bring more attention, shares, local exposure and ultimately, students.

The Lukin Center Opener

This is a part of an on-going series with Dr Lukin to expand his own personal brand and further his outreach to those in need.

Cambridge Security Seals Airlines Product Pillar Video

A video for a landing page on the CSS website, this video is meant to overview the products covered on this page and show users the details that make this company's seals unique!

On Time EMT Recruitment Video

A video developed for recruitment purposes. Intended to show to folks who are interested in the company and wanted to learn more. Most of the time these folks would already be sitting down in a discussion with the recruiter when they would see this.

Cambridge Security Seals New Technology

A video created to outline the newest advancements behind the scene at CSS. This video combines kinetic type, interviews, and b-roll to create an interesting/quick video format.

Schindler Elevator Company Picnic

A video designed for employee recruitment and retention program in 2017.

Father John's Why Do People Love Animals?

An overview of the day-to-day activities during Springtime at Father John's Animal House. Fun kinetic typography, Helicopter shots, and kinetic info graphics in this one make for some fun elements on the screen.

NASA Machine Tools BG Video

A background video created for NASA's new website development (our work in progress). This was developed to be a quick overview of their company and to show off some of the machines they focus on.

Agadir Men's Product Overview

A shoot with a barber that uses Agadir Men's products in his Barber Shop. An example cut and styling with the Agadir Men's Hair products to show the quality of their product.

One Word to Describe On Time

Interviews with some of the staff at On Time Transport created not only an amazing library of employee spotlights but created the opportunity to create other unique content such as this piece. The flexibility of video development allows for multiple videos to be cut from a single shoot's results!

Cambridge Security Seals FLS Seal

A product specific video combining kinetic typography and an interview to educate consumers about their product.

Barn Tour - Paris In New York Wedding Venue

Drone footage blended with steady-cam work to create a beautiful overview of the barn at Paris In New York.

Agadir Salon Owner Promo

Kinetic typography, only photography, and NO people. This was an advertisement for a specific deal that our client wanted to make into a video and push out across social platforms.

Just Another Day at Father John's Animal House

A look into a typical day at Father John's and what's entailed in that from sunrise to sundown.

Train Layouts Background Video

Another on the fly video created while visiting our client. This video was a background video which later had 3d tracked text added so the client could show prospective customers what they are capable of without explaining things to them.

NJEC Preview

An example of a VERY FAST video developed on location. We went to meet with our client and decided to give them a little something extra, brought our gear and captured the folks here in action; this is the result! Agile video development available!

3D Seal & Text Combo

A project combining 3D Rendering in Blender to create the Seal element and Premiere Pro kinetic typography.

On Time Transport Mantra 10: How Low Can You Go?

An introduction to a series of videos with a custom developed intro graphic. These mantras are to highlight the focus of the safety-centered On Time Transport while keeping things a bit more entertaining than you'd normally encounter in an orientation.

House Tour - Paris in New York Event venue

An old restored farmhouse toured with drone and steady cam work to show off the interior/exterior of this beautiful old house to prospective clients.

Welcome to OnTime Medical Transportation

An overview of On Time's company. Some quick stats and a heartfelt message from the president of the company to it's employees.

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