We're a small firm with the knowledge and resources of a larger company --- but without the hassle. You'll be in direct communication with the team. We work with our clients as a partner, take ownership of our projects, and we'll never hand you a cookie cutter website


Think of us as your in-house creative department. So whatever the need, minor or major, urgent or not, we'll be there to take care of it.

JAM Graphics offers a wide variety of maintenance plans with services ranging from content management to design and marketing. It's common to create a maintenance plan after the project is complete, because traditionally we offer 2 months of unlimited site updates and modifications after the initial launch.

Yes. We develop the websites we design here, in house. Occasionally we'll defer to some of our programming partners who are not in our office, but they're as fast and as reliable as we are!

Front-end web code is done in HTML, CSS, Flash, and JavaScript. All front-end coding is done to the W3C standards and includes Google suggested code writing for optimal Search Engine Ranking. Programming is done in the latest versions of PHP & ASP.Net. We can work with most any databases such as MySQL, MS SQL and more.

The website hosting company (chosen by the client or recommended by JAM Graphics) is responsible for providing firewall and SSL security. We ensure all sensitive information, including passwords, is kept secure by doing thorough quality assurance (QA) testing and monitoring. As a further backup, JAM Graphics also maintains backups of all website files, and update these files before making a change or taking a new site project live.

A CMS (content management system) allows for easy editing of your website by a person with limited or no knowledge of website code. Anyone with experience using Microsoft Word can handle updates on their own.

You should use a CMS if your website is content-heavy, ecommerce-based, or requires frequent updates.

Our CMS is a content management system developed by us. It is more flexible than other platforms due to the fact that it is built from the ground up to suit your exact needs.

It will allow you to keep your website updated with fresh content, and save time and money by allowing any team member within your business to update content.

We'll do anything you want.. and most of the time, changes in the project are very quick changes and don't affect the original time expectancy of a project, so we'll tell you "don't worry about it"... but when a change affects our timeline beyond a reasonable amount, we'll let you know right away and give you an exact estimate of what the additional time and cost will be so you can make an informed decision on whether or not to proceed. We'll never do work and bill you without you expecting it.

Yes. A demo can be provided upon request. We'll set up a web conference so we can walk you through the system; but it's easy enough to learn on your own!

We prefer to develop with our own CMS due to its flexibility, however we have resources that can help us with pretty much any open source software such as Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, DotNetNuke, and Magento.

You can choose to have us make updates as needed on an hourly basis, however most of our clients choose a monthly web maintenance plan. We can also convert your existing website to contain a CMS, but in most cases, redesigning your website from scratch is usually the most cost effective and time efficient option.

When we build websites, we build them to google standards as far as 'organic search engine optimization' is concerned. Which means the site is built clean and using current code. After that, there are separate plans that we offer where we can develop further marketing initiatives that will give you better ranking. This can include competition analysis, keyword analysis, social marketing development, and/or pay per click advertising.

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