Logos & Identity Design

Creative graphics and company names help keep you remembered!

Logos are about representing your company without additional images and information. We'll create a clever logo or icon that will represent your company when it's all alone. Here's where you learn about our goldfish! We have no specific reason for the goldfish, other than it's colorful and reflective look, as well as it's blank stare! We're not trying to associate a goldfish with graphics or web design, we felt using a spider was a little too over the top! We feel it's an image that is remembered. And whereever there's a page of logos we're sure you'll zero in on the goldfish staring at you!

Our decision to go with a photograph of a fish rather than a fancy icon or traditional logo was not easy, we wanted to separate ourselves from the design agencies and use something that people aren't used to, but you'll find more companies are using photographic objects to relate their business... we think it has to do with the fact that everyone can relate to a photographic object, whether it be the goldfish they once had when they were a kid, or the sushi they had for dinner.. whatever, if they relate to it, they've committed it to memory! Take the Geico Gecko for example, cute and weird looking creature with an australian accent... why? Good question.

  • Research
    A thorough understanding of your business and customer base is our foundation to creating your identity.
  • Association
    We create a a list of phrases, words, images and products that are associated with what you do.
  • Concept
    Our concept phase will result in 10 great options for a company logo. Usually, one of these 10 are your final decision!
  • Finalization
    A revision round that will result in 5 great options of the logo you liked the most.

"I really appreciate everything you guys do and how quickly you do it. It is really refreshing to work with a professional and responsive web marketing company."

-- by Tim Bird - Offray