Content Management Systems

Nothing's more valuable on a website than having the ability to change it

If you've had a website before without a content management system (CMS), chances are you had a lot of difficulty getting it updated by your web designer. We can structure your site so that you can have full access to all of the data on your website to make changes in a simple yet time-efficient way. Our CMS is custom built for your website's needs and is easy to use.

  • Edit every page's content
    from your mission statement to your contact page, this system will give you the ability to easily modify them from anywhere.
  • Manage your event calendar
    like never before! Easily create new events, display them, upload fliers and more!
  • Photo galleries
    are easy with our system. You can simply click 'upload' and select 1 image or 20. The system will upload all of them at once and resize them for you!
  • Users
    Create multiple users of the CMS and keep track of the edits to your website they make. Also limit their access so they can only edit what they need to edit.
  • Versatility
    This content management system utilizes the most commonly used database type, MySQL. So it's easy to expand on the database, export reports, make site-wide changes and create backups.

"I have to say that without really focusing on any one area on the site, the whole thing is incredibly pleasing to the eye in a general sense. It looks world class."

-- by Peter