Logo & Brand Identities

We love reinventing the wheel!

A professional, clean, and fresh logo goes a long way these days. Especially when the economy is the way it is, you want to be sure you can compete with the big businesses. Having a professional logo says a lot about a company -- how reliable it is, how big it is, and overall how great it is.

Now JAM Graphics on the other hand has a different approach to an identity, and that's a goldfish. We were so obsessed with designing a great logo for our company that it became difficult to like any one concept... so we decided to change our thinking and go with an actual object as our logo, kind of like 'Geico' or 'Cheetos'... except they're not logos, they're more like icons that represent the brand. That's what we wanted.

So we came up with our goldfish, it's a bright colored, delicate, and friendly fish...and we love him (yes, it's a him)! For your company, an icon may be important, for ours, it's a goldfish.

"John Tedesco and his team are top notch creative professionals and have helped improve our brand at On Time Ambulance significantly."

-- by Johnn Bush