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By far one of JAM Graphics most elaborate developments. Our first in 100% pure responsive development which means this site looks fantastic on an iphone, tablet, android, laptop and desktop computer. The website itself is a massive development and 3-fold:

ECommerce development offering the customer the ability to order a sim card and calling plan for their own cell phone or the ability to order a new phone and multiple plans. They have the option of porting their current cell phone provider to T-Mobile specific for these calling plans as well as add additional features such as long distance and additional data.
Custom programming development of a customer portal giving the customer the ability to monitor their account, pay their bill, set credit card information and details as well as upgrade or downgrade their account. We even added them the ability to request a replacement sim card.
Custom programming development of a robust administrative system that provides special access for a call-center to manage accounts and look up information as well as provide over-rides and customer support. A special system for T-Mobile to access so they can see all new phone lines in the queue and clear them from the fullfillment queue.

And there's much much more that is just too long to list, like a promo code feature that enables the admin to create a promo code that sets discounts on an initial order or even a discount provided for on going monthly charges per line!

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"This is why you guys are fantastic! (responding to an email about costs to update their site!)"

-- by Lauren Dragona - ASV Production