Total Custom Learning Management System

Academy of Continuing Education for the Professions

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JAM Graphics redesigned the ACEP website to be a mobile friendly, use-anywhere learning device. Log in on your home computer, laptop, phone or any other device and you'll be able to access your courses and associated info anytime anywhere!

We have built a very robust e-learning website which enables the client to market their recorded video classes and powerpoint presentations to attorneys and paralegals at a competitive rate. This website enables the customer the ability to purchase a course, take the course, and download their certificate of attendance! This comprehensive build out is going to expand to other professors of the like and give them the ability to market their courses as well; such as nurse law education, which is coming soon.

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"I have to say that without really focusing on any one area on the site, the whole thing is incredibly pleasing to the eye in a general sense. It looks world class."

-- by Peter