Custom Programming

If you ask for it, we'll tell you we can build it!

We've build full walk-a-thon websites where users can create teams, make donations and invite others, to internal office applications that enable field workers to submit orders while out in the field. Nothing can't be done, it's just a matter of how long it takes to do it!

The Valerie Fund
New Responsive Design for TVF!
ANW Fantasy
Responsive Website for ANWfantasy
Chocolate Text
Make your own box of chocolates
Custom Blog Development
Mt. Olive Schools
Innovation Station Summer Camp
Mt. Olive Schools
District Website
Mt. Olive Schools
Meetings and Agendas
Mt. Olive Schools
Mt. Olive Calendar
Mt. Olive Schools
Custom Teacher Pages
Americas Footprints
Custom Web Development
Harbor Mobile
Multi-Line Ordering and Admin Portal
Better World Brands
Promo Code for a Price
Better World Brands
Custom Imprinting Products
Better World Brands
Custom Fundraising Pages
NJ Auto Retailers Unite
Sweepstakes Campaign Website
The Valerie Fund
5k Marathon Event Portal
SharkFin Professional Shears
VIP Account Portal
SharkFin Professional Shears
Custom Build Your Own

"John Tedesco is a hands on guy, making the most complicated tasks easy and affordable"

-- by Darren DeMatteo - Carlyle Sofas Ltd.