We're a small firm with the knowledge and resources of a larger company --- but without the hassle. You'll be in direct communication with the team. We work with our clients as a partner, take ownership of our projects, and we'll never hand you a cookie cutter website


Content Management Systems

Nothing's more valuable on a website than having the ability to change it

Our content management system was custom built by our partners in Vancouver, Canada. A real content management system that, with the right integration, can be extremely powerful for allowing the user to manage and control ANY aspect of their website without the risk of compromising the websites design or program.

JAM CMS - Made for you.

High-speed content management system that is custom taylored for your specifications. Update your website's content and information on the fly with the programmed abilities you ask for.

Because it's a custom system, it's built with clean PHP code. This means it doesn't have its own language, like Wordpress or Joomla.

It takes seconds to update your website! No hassle finding the page, module, or plugin you need to update. We'll program it so it's easy to find and perform the tasks you perform on a regular basis.

Because constant development and page creation is so important for your website, we want to make sure you can do it... or anyone you appoint to do it as well. User management can edit, view or manage any areas you designate.

Edit and create

Our CMS will be tailored to your needs and you won't have to worry about design. This is content management at its best.

Calendars and Galleries

Our custom programming will give you robust calendar management abilities to suit whatever you need to do.

Products and Services

You don't need to know coding to create, manage, or import products or services. You can even add new categories and new pages on the fly.

Accounts and Users

Manage your customer base easily. Connect with your own logistics department, integrate with your CRM software, etc.

Why choose us?

  • Access your site and CMS on any device that has internet
  • You will have an entire team at your fingertips
  • You will benefit from a quick launch
  • You will have the reports when you want them
  • Create more content on your own site, quickly and effectively

What do JAM clients say?

  • I'm amazed how quickly you can give me access to edit anything I want!

    Bunny Flanders The Valerie Fund
  • I don't need a lesson, I figured it out! Very easy to update! Nice!

    Michael Sullivan Paralegal Education Group

We're certain you have more questions.

read more about our programming language development, hosting process, domain registration and much more.


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