We're a small firm with the knowledge and resources of a larger company --- but without the hassle. You'll be in direct communication with the team. We work with our clients as a partner, take ownership of our projects, and we'll never hand you a cookie cutter website


Custom Programming Portfolio

Here's what we do better than anyone else, custom web applications built to do exactly what you need it to do.

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Our Agile Development Process

You lose opportunities every day your website is not launched.

The message is probably the most important aspect to developing a new website. We work with our clients to ensure the message reads properly and in addition to this, we'll research the competition, keywords, and approach to the message overall to ensure we have a goal for the new website, that being more orders, more traffic, or better search ranking.
Design should be a quick process. Ideally we want to focus on a clean professional design that has all of the expected details a website should have as well as being easy for the user to navigate. Gone are the days when we designed a website in the shape of a banana and each peel is a different section. We don't offer templates to choose from however. We still feel each website should still be custom-designed to ensure you are taken seriously, and stand out in the crowd of competitors.
Launch now!!? Did we mess this up? Is this really the middle step? Yep! Every day your website isn't launched, you lose opportunities. So in order to ensure we drive traffic rapidly, we create a launch-pad website first. We'll make sure this launch-pad site has high-impact and high-value pages that get indexed and provide the user with the information they need. Then once those pages are launched, we work with you to build out the supporting pages and design and build on a rolling basis, until the full website is live!
Development after the site is live can be very exciting! Adding new custom graphics, more pages, and new and exciting content to really build out the website. During this time we'll be reviewing page performance, keyword performance and overall search ranking to ensure the rest of the website works with the high-impact pages we launched with.
Results will depend on the scope of the project and how long it takes between launch-pad website launches and the full site launches. Either way, in the end, you'll have a website that you can manage on your own, add pages, and promote!

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