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JAM Graphics now a Custom Responsive Website!

For years we've been eye-balling the domain name It was owned by a promotional product and t-shirt manufacturer who recently closed their business and sold the domain to us. We finally acquired it and decided to push it live with our brand new responsive website! All of the websites we build from this point forward will be responsive. All...

The Hottest in Responsive Websites!

Harbor Mobile is by far the most complicated development we have ever done. A website with monthly recurring billing and invoicing, upgrades, downgrades, addons to exisiting plans, prorated calculations, shipping department module, custom portal, activation department portal and phone number porting development! Coming soon will be a custom SMS messaging feature so the company can message their customers with plan...

Our new website is coming soon!

We'll be holding off on posting new information on our website until the new one is released. We are very busy caring for our clients so our own website is going to take a back seat... but we are all working on the weekends and at night to make this happen fast! We're very excited about the new website! Not...

Custom Web Application Craziness!

So we've been marketing ourselves as custom website design and developers and it seems to working fantastically! You may be thinking all we're doing are websites for the local electricians and architecture firms, but FAR FROM IT! We ARE doing those sites, but we're also building large corporate sites for worldwide companies! Such as Mindray North America (although this is...

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"Got my first ever contact submission through my website... For a commercial overseas! "

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