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Why don't we use WordPress?

Here's why we don't use Wordpress. When I started this company in 2008, I was asked to design websites because I have creative and graphic design ability. I didn't know how to build websites so I ventured toward Wordpress. And why not.. it's free! You can pick from tons of free themes and customize the site as you wish! All...

Mobile Responsive Website Overhauls

Google's recent algorithm change has got JAM Graphics working around the clock developing responsive websites for all of our loyal past clients. We've developed an affordable mobile responsive overhaul for all of our existing clients to get the up to speed with search ranking. So far we've 'redesigned' several client websites with many more to go!!!

Mobile Responsive Pricing and Process

So Google is finally ranking websites for 'mobile search' partially according to a website's usability on a mobile device. All this means is that when someone is lying in bed with their iphone or ipad searching the internet, the results they see when they search are going to contain mobile-ready websites first. JAM Graphics has been designing and developing fully...

How Old Is Your Website?

It's 2015, if your website is 3 years old or older, it's time for a new one. First of all, chances are it's not responsive. This means the website doesn't know how to react on an iphone, android or tablet, so it just squeezes down to a little image requiring the user to pinch and zoom to browse your site....

Website Development

Full design and programming

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Commercial Graphics

Brand design and development

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Marketing Material

Tradeshows, Books, Brochures

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Online Marketing

Google & Facebook SEO/Ads

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