Digital Marketing aka

Inbound Marketing


What is Inbound Marketing?

Don’t go searching for your next customer. He’s already looking for YOU. 

Instead, build a strategy & supporting tactics so that you show up. Digital marketing is a data-driven and results-focused process. It involves a variety of tactics working together in harmony. It's based on attraction rather than interruption. 



Defining the strategy

Before delving into tactics, define a strategy that aligns with your business goals, measures the right data, and can be easily understood by all parties. 

To accomplish this, we’ll have a series of meetings to :

  • Determine the most important goals (e.g., lead generation, shortening sales cycle) 
  • Agree on the necessary KPIs to track (leads per month, new customers per month, or average length of sales process).
  • Agree to track progress and remain accountable at regular intervals.
  • Communicate with front-line employees (client-facing salespeople) for creative brainstorming sessions.


Tactics that might fall into an inbound marketing strategy include:

  • Blogs, Pillar Pages, Articles, Whitepapers, eBooks
  • Email communications
  • Lead capture (landing pages)
  • Videos, Photography, Animation
  • Graphic Design & UX Improvements
  • Social Sharing, Customer Engagement
  • Email marketing & regular communication
  • Organic SEO and/or local SEO
  • HubSpot CRM Integration & Training


Content Marketing 

Transform your messaging to be more authentic, helpful, quality & professional than ever. 

Video Production

Even smaller budgets can create stunning videos.                            


Segment your audience in smart ways. Deliver the right message in the right context quickly & easily. 

Organic & Local SEO 

Show up in your town on Google. Rank for the term [my favorite keyword]. Have great reviews and put your best search engine foot forward.


Product Video Development with Animation Creation

One of the most valuable content mediums for small business is video. Tell your story visually. Don't worry about doing all this yourself, have a team.

Agency Collaboration

Working with an agency on inbound marketing involves:

  • discovery meeting(s)
  • regular check-ins 
  • periodic strategy reviews
  • approving content
  • collaboration

Working with Jam graphics has been exceptional. They go the extra mile to help you design a system that goes far beyond your expectations. Strongly recommend!

Konstantin Lukin, Ph.D.
Director, Co-Founder, Licensed Psychologist | Lukin Center

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