Marketing for Pennsylvania-Based
Chemical Manufacturing Company

Aqua ChemPacs - Client Since 2020

Who is Aqua ChemPacs?

Aqua ChemPacs came to JAM when they began manufacturing disinfectant during the pandemic. JAM assisted with sales presentations, videos, and website development and now handles all of their product marketing initiatives.


Message, photography, layout

Our first step was to understand their message, create some high-end product photography, and establish a consistent layout and design for their print ads and fliers.

Product Photography Library

Utilizing our in-house photo studio, we were able to photograph their important products first and the rest of their products over time.

Custom Hubspot Website Development

Utilizing the recommended CRM for our marketing initiatives, we also built their website on the platform to maximize results.


Product Video Development with Animation Creation

One of the most valuable content method is video creation.  For a company that creates a product that requires education, video is sometimes the only way to get the message across. 

Amazon Basics Marketing and Channel Development

A complete product and brand innovation special made for Amazon Basics.  

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"JAM has been an integral part of our growth and expansion over the last year. Truly an extension of our team!"

Testimonial Image
Joe Solitro
Chief Marketing Officer | Aqua ChemPacs

Does it sound like you might need a team? Hire JAM.

Sometimes there are just so many aspects of what you need, just a website isn't enough.  Just photography, just social media, just, just, just.  JAM is a tight-knit team of experts, working together to make it happen!