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Our Newest Work: Custom NJ Business Website Developments

At JAM, we love sharing our work with the world. Check out these three websites that we've built recently. Just Collect Just Collect is New Jersey's largest buyer of vintage sports cards. Along with buying and selling vintage and pre-war cards, they really enjoy telling the stories of how collections wound up in their hands. Their storytelling really adds a...

What Is Inbound Marketing and Why Should I Care?

Today's consumer doesn't want to be bothered. They are on the do not call list, they use DVR to fast-forward through commercials, they don't open junk mail, they use ad-block on their browser. So how can businesses reach people? Inbound marketing, also known as content marketing, is one way. Instead of using interruptive tactics, like billboards, TV commercials, radio ads,...

Why a Custom CMS is More Secure Than Wordpress or Joomla

At JAM, every website we build uses our custom-built content management system. A CMS is the application that allows for publishing, modifying, organizing and deleting content on a website. To access the CMS, a user types in the URL of their website, followed by a specific subdirectory (like "/admin-login") for example. From there, the user enters their username and password...

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Fever

Do you run an eCommerce site? If so, are you ready for Cyber Monday? It’s the biggest online shopping day of the year. What deals are you offering? How are you spreading the word? Email blasts? Updates to your site’s homepage? Custom landing page(s)? Cyber Monday seems to have morphed into "Cyber Week." Everyone is putting out deals for the...

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